Our educational event is meant to teach all participants, regardless of prior experience or  education. We will address not only the topic of trading, but also value judging and ICO grading. We will teach you how to use the Ethereum platform using basic Solidity functions. We will tackle problems ensued by cryptocurrency social impact.

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Decentralized thinking: cognitive modes and learning styles

Distributed approaches, strategies, methodologies and tactics

Identifying tools: own currency, distributed ledger

The meaning of  consensus, in theory and practice

Freedom and Responsibility

Open-source, decentralized platforms

The pillars of a decentralized society

Democratizing free market gains

Currency as language

Crypto Resource Management

People and cryptocurrency: exploring uses and usability

Participatory design systems

Blockchain ethics

Investing knowledge management


Cryptocurrency in social policy, planning, and politics

Health, safety, and public welfare on the blockchain

Decentralized applications for health, safety and public welfare

Markets for new technologies


Mist interface with Solidity functions

Alternatives to the blockchain

Decentralized app Think Lab

Follow-up Hackathon


Cryptocurrency value judging

Initial Coin Offering grading

Trading aspects

Evolutionary value evaluation


The idea of connecting individuals regardless of place, nationality and culture shaped our current generation, leading to concepts such as decentralization and “peer-to-peer”. As such, knowledge started spreading without it having to be filtered by a central unit such as schools, universities or news companies.


Education, religion and currency. These are a few concepts that have remained relatively untouched by humanity’s cultural evolution. Only recently has education seen network distribution, only recently has religion been more versatile, and the last years have been met with the dawn of decentralized currency.


A new type of community is born, in which groups are brought together pursuing a certain interest. People start physically meeting in real life based on online interaction, in order to further explore the subject at hand. New technologies together with a new medium of dialogue, these both lead to a new type of gathering – the educational event. As conferences, symposiums, talks, lectures, they take many shapes, but their common purpose remains education, not only from one direction but also by creating a dialogue between participants.


New technologies gave power back to the people, as The Fourth Industrial Revolution, defined by autonomy and versatility of the production line, allowed individuals to pursue development and research in a more facilitating way, at a greater rate.


Digital assets are an extremely new category of property. Even if there is a vast amount of information available online, and we’ve already seen four generations of cryptocurrencies, the reality is that, despite the comparison of crypto assets to stock, currencies or gold, the true nature remains unclear. These assets possess not only properties of currency, stock or primary resource, but also new properties, given by the network it simultaneously defines and is defined by.


The subject of cryptocurrency is currently so vast and yet with unknown potential, not only from an investor’s standpoint, but also from the point of view of a regular network user. Some are more interested in the technology, others seek a new source of revenue, a few people even notice its socially disruptive implications. Not many realize that cryptocurrency should be regarded as a phenomenon in its entirety, with respect to its technology, its investing opportunities and its social impact.

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26th of May 2018 | H3, Popa Nan 82, Bucharest
The 3 identified aspects of cryptocurrency, more precisely Development of Technology, Investing and Social Impact will each have a dedicated panel, active all day long.


Each panel will be curated by several individuals having real-life experience with the topic at hand. Trading specialists will teach, blockchain developers will explain and new-technology activists will debate.

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Practice, Authenticity and Feedback. These three fundamental principles forming the HUBS DNA have determined us to have a different approach on learning. During our activities, we understood that most of our learning was done in moments when we didn’t even realize we were learning.

Through our series of educational events, we aim to create the HUBS learning atmosphere at a larger scale, in order for everyone to learn the same way we do.


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HUBS aims to bridge the gap between institutionalized education and a real-life career for young individuals. We wish to offer students a decentralized alternative to standard education while, at the same time, addressing the issue of youth unemployment.


HUBS CryptoFest 2018 will be held at H3, 82 Popa Nan, in a former factory space located in the heart of Bucharest.

A former factory, located in the heart of Bucharest, the venue can easily fit multiple panels. The space is a permanent exhibition of interactive installations and other types of high-tech new-media art, including a fully operational, large-scale robotic arm for demonstration purposes.

Address: Popa Nan 82, Bucharest, Romania
GPS coordinates: 44.433305, 26.125237

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Food trucks will be present at the entrance of the venue. The indoor bar serves coffee, tea, a collection of 12 cocktails, wine and soft drinks.

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