Learn about passive income. Make right investments. Learn  cryptocurrency value judging.

We created a panel relevant to better understanding cryptocurrency form a revenue generating opportunistic standpoint. The Investing panel is the largest of the festival, with two main spotlights. One is dedicated to better understanding ICOs, including value judging, exchange listing, while another one gives a professional investor’s point of view regarding crypto assets in 2018.


Project/Product Value Judging
Exchange Listing
Token Sales
2017-2018 Comparison
Hard Cap vs. Soft Cap


Crypto Assets in 2018 – An Investor’s Take
This Whole “Bubble” Non-Sense
Put Your Income To Work For You
Learn How To Trade Crypto Assets


The Development panel is dedicated to anyone willing to learn about blockchain in a practical way, developing smart contracts and even ERC-20 tokens on the spot, with our in-house blockchain trainer.

Participants will have the chance to use the Ethereum platform and familiarize themselves with the Solidity programming language. Laptops are encouraged.


Learn How to Use Mist / Remix
Basic Solidity Functions
GAS reduction
Improvement On The Blockchain


Introduction to Decentralised Apps
Socially Responsible DApps
Decentralised Application Development
Open Workshop


Avoid future inflation. Pay least commission in currency transfer. Use the blockchain for your cause.

The Social Impact panel will be hosting public debates addressing what the future might hold for decentralization in society. Decentralized autonomous organization, AI smart contracts, distributed cloud computing (such as Ethereum Virtual Machine) and, of course, the four pillars of a decentralized society are among the topics to be discussed.


Governance On The Blockchain
Distributed Ledgers For The Vulnerable
Creating Currency As A Language
Decentralised Autonomous Organisation


Decentralised Communication
Decentralised Law
Decentralised Production
Decentralised Finance & Currency

A Festival For Education

The 3 identifed aspects of cryptocurrency, more precisely Technology, Investing and Social Impact will each have a dedicated panel, active all day long. Each panel will be curated by one or more individuals having real-life experience with the topic at hand. Trading specialists will teach, blockchain developers will explain and new-technology activists will debate.


Each panel will be curated by several individuals having real-life experience with the topic at hand. Trading specialists will teach, blockchain developers will explain and new-technology activists will debate.


Get To Know Us:

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HUBS aims to bridge the gap between institutionalized education and a real-life career for young individuals. We wish to offer students a decentralized alternative to standard education while, at the same time, addressing the issue of youth unemployment.


HUBS CryptoFest 2018 will be held at H3, 82 Popa Nan, in a former factory space located in the heart of Bucharest.

A former factory, located in the heart of Bucharest, the venue can easily fit multiple panels. The space is a permanent exhibition of interactive installations and other types of high-tech new-media art, including a fully operational, large-scale robotic arm for demonstration purposes.

Address: Popa Nan 82, Bucharest, Romania
GPS coordinates: 44.433305, 26.125237

Are you looking for a place to stay?

Bucharest has the accommodation for everyone, whatever your budget.
We recommend, when selecting a hotel, going for one of the many hotels in the city center.
Most of them offer a spectacular view of the historic part of town and the city landmarks.

Food and Drink
Food trucks will be present at the entrance of the venue. The indoor bar serves coffee, tea, a collection of 12 cocktails, wine and soft drinks.

We always happy to help you with any questions.

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